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A bird, a plane and 'intelligent design.'

We all agree that a plane is 'designed,' that it 'has a purpose,' and we agree that it 'has a creator.' But there is controversy regarding the bird. Some will say: The bird has no design, no purpose, and no creator.

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We're talking about your Ancestors

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When I was a child, I remember family conversations that went something like this.

"My goodness, doesn't she look like her Grandmother... Look at her eyes, her bright blue eyes -- guess where she got those..."

Nowadays things are different. On a recent BBC documentary, David Attenborough expressed it this way.

While he was holding a newborn baby in his arms, he said, "[This baby's] ancestry like that of all of us stretches back over 500 million years to a tiny little worm-like creature swimming in the bottom of the sea."

Continuing to refer to the child, he said, "His backbone and jaw came from the early fish, his limbs and lungs from amphibians. The reptiles gave him his watertight skin. Tiny nocturnal mammals donated a bigger brain, sharper senses, and the manner in which he was born. His hands and colour vision came from the fruit-eating primates; and his larger brain and greater intelligence from the first humans."

Here is Attenborough's grand conclusion. "So all our features of our body can be traced back to our ancient ancestors."

Rise Of Animals: Triumph Of The Vertebrates

Written & Presented by

David Attenborough

BBC Documentary 2013

© Atlantic Productions Ltd. MMXIII

Your Ancestors!

Who were your ancestors? As you trace your family tree, be sure that you get it right.

Be careful, evolutionists believe that once upon a time your family did have an actual tree in the jungle -- which they called home. Before you enter this so called ancestral home, beware, some of its ghosts may still be there.

Be especially aware of tiny worm-like creatures, as well as fish, amphibians, reptiles, nocturnal mammals, and primates masquerading as your ancestors?




The origin of Evolution: "In the beginning there was nothing -- and it exploded"

The origin of Creation: "In the beginning there was God."




Concerning the origin of all things, I accept the miraculous rather than the ridiculous.


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