Words of Wit

Words of Wit

Builder's blueprints

Plans and blueprints are somewhat similar to DNA. They are the DNA of buildings.

In this article we will consider two vastly different buildings -- a toilet block and a university. And we will look at their blueprints -- one blueprint for constructing a toilet block, and the other for a university.

We find that both blueprints have much in common. Both sets of plans utilise the same lines and markings, and they carry similar notation. These are the instructions which, if followed during construction, will give rise to both buildings. These instructions are like a building's DNA -- they define the structure, and they describe in miniature its many traits.

The instructions for both are notably similar yet distinctly different 'both at the same time.' The key reason they are similar is because mankind is the designer of both structures. And the obvious reason they are different is because the two buildings have different features, and are designed with different purposes in mind.

And they reveal more than this. The plans as a whole (as well as the many individual minute details contained within them) cast light on the builder -- they reveal his methods and processes of construction.


These plans are not similar because one building evolved into the other. But what if this was the case.

What if it was a matter of evolution -- then clearly the toilet evolved first and subsequently it evolved into a university. This would be deduced because a toilet block is far smaller and simpler than a university -- so it must have evolved first. That the simple must precede the more complex is a basic premise of evolution.

We will now include another building in the discussion: 'a house.'

A house for human habitation is bigger and more complex than a toilet, yet smaller than a university, so it fits into its place somewhere between the two.

Therefore their evolution is obvious: Toilet >> House >> University.

(The theory of genetic evolution presents a similar conclusion: Worm >> Fish >> Man)

Evolution can only start with the small and simple and gradually progress towards the greater. But in this case, this is not true. A house and home was mankind's first construction long before any amenities block.

Much in common

But it could be argued that a toilet and a university have much in common. They share common traits. For instance, they are both places where you may read, contemplate, think and learn.

I will share what I have learned in a toilet.

Some years ago, while traveling on a major interstate route through country New South Wales, Australia, I had need of using certain public amenities which were situated in a park in a small town. On the back of the toilet door were scrawled these words. I learned them that day, I recall them today.

"They that write on toilet walls
Do roll their thoughts into little balls
And those that read these words of wit
They literally eat these little balls of ____"
('Words of Wit' - Author unknown)

Could it be that every university building today evolved from a 'now unknown' ancient toilet?

Or rather, could it be that the two structures are distinctly different, and that each is designed, crafted, and constructed for vastly different purposes?

What do you think?


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