Personal witnessing website

I am Graham Dull. Life from God .com is my personal witnessing website.

Here I share my sincere belief in God, and my trust in His Word. I truly do believe all life comes from God. Day by day I appreciate His great love to me -- for my life too comes from Him.

Brief background

As I realise the value of knowing something about the authors which I read on the Web; I hereby share a little background information about myself.

I was born in Boonah, Queensland, Australia in 1948; I now live in Dubbo, NSW, Australia.

I was baptised on the 28th of November, 1948 in Saint Luke's Lutheran Church, Milbong. Two Christian men greatly influenced my early life. These are my paternal grandfather William August Dull, and neighbour and Lutheran elder Cecil Regeling. I thank both these men for their encouragement and Christian example. They have positively influenced me to accept Christian values, and to accept Christ as my Lord and Saviour.

In my late teens, I earnestly studied the Word of God for myself. I sought information from a great variety of sources. As a result of this study I chose to follow the example of my Lord as outlined in the Gospels and the other books of the New Testament. This led to new directions in my life. I was baptised by immersion at the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Harrisville on the 16th of May 1970.

(posted 25th Nov 2009)

Current Interests

For many years I have taken a keen interest in aspects of geology and other earth sciences.

The obvious question to be asked, from my point of view, is whether the geological record and fossil evidence points to an immensely long evolutionary period of time; or on the other hand, does the evidence really reflect a relatively short world history? Does the evidence support the theory of evolution or the Biblical teaching of creation?

The ultimate question for mankind is this -- Did God create life on this earth?

(update posted 7th Oct 2012)