Life and Death Issues

Immortality and Mortality

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1 Timothy 6:16
God alone is immortal.


Just when does God bestow immortality to humans?


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Wisdom of a child

A small boy was taking a shortcut through a cemetery when on an ancient tombstone he read these inscribed words.

Where I am now, you soon shall be
It is your fate to follow me.

Before running off, the boy hastily scribbled the following.

To follow you, I'm not content
Until I know just where you went.

'Immortality and Mortality' provides insight into vital and intriguing matters of life and death which are relevant to all.

Some Questions

Did Paul expect to go to heaven immediately he died?  He expressed a desire to depart this life and be with Christ.

Here we look at --

  • the afterlife
  • purgatory
  • limbo
  • the Greek view of immortal soul
  • ancestor worship
  • reincarnation
  • near death experiences
  • other popular concepts


Immortality and Mortality