Creation, Evolution, and Science

"The Descent of Man" by Charles Darwin

An Extinct Primate

following the path of evolution

descended to become


To date, how far has mankind actually descended?

The Step -- Evolution

(The Step that Evolution couldn't take)

A fundamental principle of evolution is that there is a common ancestor to all life which now exists on earth.

Words of Wit

"They that write on toilet walls

Do roll their thoughts..."

Koala mother and baby

Pertinent Question:

Did God create Koalas, or did they evolve from distant ancestors that were genetically simplistic and very different?

Knowing the correct answer has wide implications … for it also reveals the vital truth about human origins.





Cosmic Evolution

Sir Terry Pratchett stated it succinctly: "In the beginning there was nothing, and it exploded."

"...the universe, and time itself, had a beginning in the Big Bang, about 15 billion years ago." Stephen Hawking

The Fundamental Claims of Evolution

Below are listed the major, the best documented, and most well known evolutionary transitions.

a.    Nothing became something -- 13.798 ± 0.037 billion years ago [The Big Bang]

b.    Non-living substance came to life -- 3.6 billion years ago [Abiogenesis]

c.    Prokaryotic cells (bacteria) became eukaryotic cells (these contain a nucleus and mitochondria like the cells in our bodies) -- 2 billion years ago

d.    Consciousness arose -- 2nd Nov 1948

I can personally vouch for Point 'd' - but all the rest I find fanciful indeed.

Caution Needed

We owe it to ourselves to seriously reconsider the above

When and how did nothing become something?

When and how did non-living matter come to life?

When and how did consciousness arise?

Our own life's experience comes about because we are alive, we are conscious, and we are able to interact with the world around us. Our very existence poses so many questions -- such as.

Why does anything actually exist at all?

Did everything just happen for no reason?

Is God the creator of all things including life?

How did God himself get here? Where did He come from?

Is there a greater purpose to life?

  • Evolution teaches: "In the beginning there was nothing -- and it exploded"
  • Creation teaches: "In the beginning there was God."

Science Articles

The Articles in this section relate to the earth sciences and give a renewed consideration to aspects of geology and related fields. For science to be true to itself, it must continually ask questions and re-examine issues at an ever increasing depth.

In recent years we have observed the huge strides taken in accumulating knowledge. Therefore, we might well ask, 'Is now an appropriate time to reassess our general interpretation of the fossil record, etc?'

It is of the utmost importance that we correctly understand the nature of past events on earth, for to imbibe incorrect views about our past will surely lead to gross errors in many areas of our understanding.

Living life to the full

Life is such a beautiful thing ...

could it really be possible ...

to live forever?

Some have said that death is just a normal part of life. But in reality, death is the very opposite to life. At death, life ceases.

People might mutter that life is short. The majority of us though are privileged to live reasonably long, happy, and fulfilled lives. But regardless of our current status, when we compare it to eternity -- eternity always appears an exceptionally/ extremely/ enormously long time.


Life and Death Issues!

Here's a short story which it seems I've known all my life.

A small boy was taking a shortcut through a cemetery when on an ancient tombstone he read these inscribed words.

Where I am now, you soon shall be
It is your fate to follow me.

Before running off, the boy hastily scribbled the following.

To follow you, I'm not content
Until I know just where you went.

'Immortality and Mortality' provides insight into vital and intriguing matters of life and death which are relevant to all.

The Flower Picture Story

Every single living thing reflects the glory of God

-- including this flower

But... the flower is not perfect... Something has attacked it...

From God's Word


God loves you so much -- that he gave his only Son -- believe in him and you will have everlasting life.

John 3:16



Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, one who needn't be ashamed, one who correctly handles the word of truth.

2 Timothy 2:15