Our Hands

Our Hands

Our hands are a symbol of ...

... Friendship

Our hands are a symbol of friendship.
With our hands we give, and with them we receive.
So reach out to others --
be kind -- be a true friend.

... Love

Our hands are a symbol of love.
Our hands reveal the things which we cherish the most.
With them we throw away all that's bad, and cling tightly to whatever is good.
Our hands nurture, as well as caress, our hands give comfort and much needed rest.

... Life

Our hands are a symbol of life.
In early childhood our hands were among our very first objects of admiration.
We greatly admired them.
They functioned right in front of our face.
Their very presence helped us to form our first questions.
They moved?
They obeyed us?
We marveled, we were delighted, and wondered.

... Us

Our hands are a symbol of us.
All throughout life, our hands have obeyed us.
They have done all we've asked them to do.
They project outwardly to others our chosen values, our innermost thoughts and feelings, our attitudes, and cultivated habits.
All these flow freely from some reservoir hidden within us.

In everyday actions, they reveal the most important things about us -- loyalty, friendship, mateship, steadfast love.

In all those things that really-really matter, our hands fully reveal us.

Graham Dull

1 Corinthians 13:13
These three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.