COVID Report -- Sep 2021


COVID Report -- Sep 2021

by Graham Dull

The COVID-19 death-rate in Peru is now 'one death in every 169 head of population.'

By comparison, New Zealand's death-rate is just 'one in 185,263.' (It is so small it can scarcely be seen on the chart below.)

Peru has reported 1,096 deaths for every one death in New Zealand. It is almost impossible for people living in New Zealand and Australia (with low death-rates) to comprehend what it would be like to have loved ones dying at the rate they are in the highly impacted countries.

Reading the Chart:

Deaths-rates are given for the various countries. As a standard of comparison, New Zealand is assigned a value of one. And the other countries are given values which indicate their death rate (as compared to New Zealand). For instance, Peru has 1,096 times the death rate per capita of NZ.

Across the bottom of the Chart:

(1/169 Peru) Peru has recorded one death for every 169 head of population - that is 198,621 COVID related deaths in an overall population of 32,510,000.

Is it any wonder, many Australians abroad are keen to come home?

So far, quarantining and social distancing are probably the major contributors as to whether a country has a high death rate or not. It is likely, in the coming 12 months, that 'vaccination rates will be the main contributor' that will largely determine the outcome. Watch this space.

Quarantining is not new. Thousands of years ago, God commanded his people to isolate themselves to stop the spread of contagious diseases. It worked then; it still works now.

Here is a part of the instruction regarding people with contagious diseases.

Leviticus 13:45, 46

They must cover the lower part of their face and cry out, 'Unclean! Unclean!' As long as they have the disease, they remain unclean. They must live alone; they must live outside the camp.

COVID-19 poses a difficult set of problems - people transmit the disease before they show symptoms.

Notable Statics

The USA has had 685,023 deaths in a population of 333,342,000.

The UK has had 134,647 deaths in a population of 68,316,000.

Australia has had 1,128 deaths in a population of 25,856,000.

New Zealand has had 27 deaths in a population of 5,002,000.

People are Fearful

COVID-19 has a way of affecting all people. People are fearful of taking the vaccine, they are fearful of catching the virus, and they fear the quarantine restrictions imposed on them.

Graham Dull 16-09-2021

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