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India and Nepal

This week we welcomed special visitors to our church. The husband and wife team shared with our congregation regarding the work of two ministries working in Northern India and Nepal.

The two ministries are --

'Transform the Nations,' and --

'3 Angels.'

Transform the Nations


Nepal is a beautiful country with beautiful people. The Badi are part of group (or class) of people referred to as the untouchables. It has been a part of Nepali culture for these people to be used for labour and their young girls to be taken against their will for a life of slavery.


Parts of India are major places for the slavery and abuse of young girls. Girls may be kidnapped and sold, or even sold by their family member for income. The things that these young girls and women endure would break your heart.

Transform the Nations stands in the breach for these young lives by offering rescue, prevention and education programs.

3 Angels

Young people are being trafficked from Nepal into India in higher numbers than ever seen before. At many border crossings the number of trafficked girls rescued daily has increased from between 3 and 8 to between 12 and 15!

Our mission is for 3 Angels to be guardian angels for vulnerable women and children everywhere; in the prisons, at the borders, in the communities, cities, and villages. The border between Nepal and India is 1,000 miles long with just 14 checkpoints along the route. This makes it easy to smuggle over 30,000 women and young girls (mostly aged between 12 and 25) from Nepal to India every year. In recent times, some girls as young as 8 have been rescued from traffickers.

The '3 Angels' team works tirelessly to fight human trafficking in Nepal. The majority of rescued people are reunited with their families, where they are all educated on human trafficking.

Every donation, big or small, helps '3 Angels Nepal' to fight against human trafficking, at all levels, including rescue, rehabilitation and education.

With your help, we are saving lives -- one child at a time.

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